Dapper Labs to launch a Web3 Creator Tool

Dapper Labs, the creator of NBA Top Shot and Flow, announced it will be launching a Web3 creator tool called Dapper Creator, giving opportunities for creators to unleash their talent.

Pursuing its vision of decentralization, the team explains that they’re expanding the NFT endeavors for creators, communities, and collectors through the upcoming creator tool.

The creators will get a chance to build experiences virtually, communities can help in the co-creation of these experiences by actively participating while fans can support their projects.

According to the official post, this creator tool is made for all kinds of creators without having the need for coding or complex technical lingo.

Dapper Creator will give artists, authors, comedians, singers, and all types of creators an opportunity to monetize their content, earn passive income, and build their own communities easily.

The goal of this tool for Dapper Labs is to maximize the creator population on the Flow blockchain.

For the past years since 2017, the company has focused on building its own platforms but now it is giving the right to artists as well.

This is good news for creators because now they have yet another creator tool to utilize for their creations.

Creators can now register for Early Access to Dapper Creator here: