DC Comics x Palm Studio to debut Digital Comics every week

DC Comics announces a partnership with Palm Studio to launch DC Digital Comics (DC3) featuring classic comics starting from Superman #1 and will continue on with drops every week.

The 3,000 NFT comics will be available at DC Comics Marketplace on Oct 27. The DC3 will have two categories: Legacy and Modern. Legacy is classic comics while Modern is recent comics.

According to the press release, Superman #1 along with other historical comics from the DC Universe have different looks and covers based on their rarity traits that range from Common to Legendary.

Superman #1 is the first drop with 3,000 collectibles, each having a unique rarity trait. Fans will get a chance to own a historical piece in the digital form stored in the blockchain.

Each comic is priced at $9.99, and only those who come first can mint this collectible. Knowing the reputation of the DC Universe, these NFTs will sell out within minutes of dropping.

After Superman #1, DC3 will also debut other well-known classic comics. Fans can anticipate Black Adams, Wonder Woman, Batman, and other legendary books as collectibles soon.

“We want to build that community aspect…, in our digital ecosystem to make comic collecting more available and accessible than ever before,” says DC Sr. VP Anne DePies.

The best thing about collecting these NFTs is that readers can have ownership over the digital comics and keep them forever stored or re-sell them on the marketplace.

Warner Bros is expected to expand its NFT endeavors with DC3 in the future through various partnerships. Ultimately, they wish to bring readers more accessibility through Web3 technology.

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