Ryan Gosling invites you on

metaverse mission in Decentraland

The Gray Man

The Gray Man

Decentraland in partnership with streaming platform Netflix launches a virtual replica of a maze inspired by Netflix’s movie The Gray Man.

Join the main character, Ryan Gosling, to complete the metaverse mission starting July 27, 2022, and win avatar wearable rewards.

On the official Twitter, Decentraland released an official video from Ryan Gosling instructing on a metaverse mission in the Decentraland.

“The mission is simple. Retrieve the locket and unlock the code. Time is of the essence. Others will try to beat you to it.  We’re all counting on you. Good Luck,” says Gosling in the video.

The metaverse mission takes place in a maze which is a perfect replica of the one in the movie. This means players can personally experience the thrill of going around the maze to complete the mission.

Decentraland is widely known for its immersive 3D virtual experience where users can trade LANDS, avatar wearables, and also socialize and explore the metaverse.

The Maze replica from The Gray Man is part of the metaverse mission among many that Decentraland holds for special events.

The winners will receive avatar NFT wearables inspired by The Gray Man movie including Sierra Six’s Jacket, Lloyd’s Trash Stache, and Miranda’s Bob, once they complete the metaverse mission.

If watching The Gray Man wasn’t enough Decentraland is fulfilling your appetite for action and thrill by giving the same experience but more personal and immersive than ever.

With The Gray Man, Decentraland is expanding its metaverse into the entertainment industry. 

For more information on The Gray Man mission visit the official website: