announces a 0% royalty policy, calls it an experiment

DeGods, a popular Solana-based NFT collection, and creator of t00bs and y00ts, recently announced they will be implementing a 0% royalty policy as an experiment to sustain their NFT project.

Frank, DeGods’ creator, explained on Twitter that the founders have constantly been labeled as rug when they had 9.99% royalty. The team worked hard but felt overwhelmed with false accusations.

To face these allegations and collectively dismiss the misconceptions about the NFT project, DeGods chose 0% royalty. Frank says the policy is “more open to redefining what “rug” means.”

Royalties are an integral part of any NFT project because they help fund the creators and the collection itself. Many believe applying zero-royalty might affect the overall quality of DeGods.

Many creators have set royalties so that even after selling the NFT collection, they can earn a small portion from the secondary market as well. This becomes their passive income in the space.

Nonetheless, the team sees it as an experiment, so maybe they do have something planned out. After all, DeGods is the top best-selling NFT collection on the Solana blockchain.

The team also said, “We still believe that royalties are an incredible use case of NFTs. We will continue to support creators that want to find solutions to enforce royalties.”

As of now, only DeGods will be implementing the policy, and soon add it for t00bs and y00ts as well.

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