Dion Lee to debut metaverse NFTs promoting constructed identity

Dion Lee to debut metaverse NFTs promoting constructed identity

Australian Designer Dion Lee announces partnership with MA+Creative to debut his first metaverse NFT collection “Dion Lee Code: Façade” promoting constructed identity to be released on October 12.

Dion Lee, widely known for its experimental construction, is a global fashion brand that is moving to the metaverse with the launched spring/summer 2023 as NFTs hosted by Bubblehouse NFT platform.

The Dion Lee Code is a Web3 venture of the fashion brand. Lee seems to be more than motivated to expand his fashion endeavors beyond the physical space and into the virtual world.

The “Dion Lee Code: Façade” will feature 5 “genderfluid, semi-sheer lace” digital pieces, each garment physically designed by Lee and turned into a 3D universal digital collectible by artist Sam Walker.

The NFT collection holds a deeper meaning than just a clothing line. According to the press release, the designer highlights constructed identity by producing genderfluid NFT pieces.

The proceeds of Dion Lee’s NFT collection will be donated to the Women’s Reproductive Rights Assistant Project, a project to fund women who can’t afford abortion and birth control.

Other than the NFT collection, the fashion designer will also sell different other items as NFTs including Façade merch, passes to the NYFW runway show, access to VIP events, personal styling sessions, and more.

People can mint the Dion Lee Code: Façade on October 12 from the Bubblehouse NFT platform and own the personally designed clothing line in the metaverse.

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