Disney’s new job listings indicate NFT and Web3 expansion

The Walt Disney Company is finally making the move into the Web3 world with its new job listings for legal counsel to expand its NFT, DeFi, Crypto, and Metaverse endeavors through proper regulations.

Disney’s legal department is looking for an experienced corporate attorney to help them with transactions related to digital technologies, NFTs, blockchain, metaverse, and decentralized finance.

The employee will provide guidance to the Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution and Disney Parks for NFT products that abide by the rules indicated by American and international laws.

Disney is especially seeking a lawyer who has experience with crypto and NFTs so that it becomes easier for the company to move forward with its Web3 endeavors without any legal complications.

The position will also work with other companies and teams around the world during partnerships and collaborations related to Web3.

Since the beginning of the year, Disney has been hinting at its possible expansion to Web3. The entertainment company already released a series of NFT collections in collaboration with the VeVe app.

Some of the best Disney NFT collections released include Golden Moments, Marvel Mightys, Mickey Mouse NFT collection, Pixar Pals, Young Avengers, Marvel Digital Comics, Disney Villains, and more.

The company also revealed various Web3 companies and a blockchain for its 2022 Disney Accelerator Program to explore possibilities in the NFT and metaverse with Disneyland.

Now, Disney has posted job listings for legal counsel showing that it is more than serious about taking the NFT and crypto adoptions to the next level; possibly the launch of metaverse soon as well.

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