Last week, NFT NYC 2022 became the world’s biggest NFT event where big NFT brands, celebrities, and the Web3 industry united to celebrate modern technology amidst a crypto winter.Among many NFT projects, Doodles and after parties stole the show.


Doodles held a “kickoff party” on Tuesday at the Palladium Theater. During the event, the Doodles team dropped an exclusive teaser to Doodles 2, Pharrell Williams as their chief brand officer, and an official announcement of Doodles’ successful funding round led by 776 Ventures.

The Doodles community was more than thrilled to hear every announcement. As a leading NFT collection in the market, Doodles made headlines on the internet for days.



Similarly, held its first party at NFT NYC 2022. The hottest NFT collection that rose to the top just last month and is now one of the most valuable NFTs on OpenSea held a party fit for its concept, a mysterious, dark, disgusting, and gloomy surroundings paired with Illuminati triangles, Tarot cards, and a (real) tattoo station.


The afterparty took place at Chelsea Music Hall filled with people wearing goblin costumes and masks, giving a perfect Halloween vibe in June.



Although these two parties were completely opposite of each other with one being purely business while the other being just a party, both Doodles and was the highlight of the NFT NYC 2022 conference!