Dubai announces it will extend regulations to build its own metaverse

Dubai and UAE residents are in for a technological treat as the country officials work towards building a metaverse. According to Khaleej Times, Dubai plans to extend its regulations for metaverse to empower Web3-based startups and other traditional businesses.

At the recent MetaDecrypt Web 3.0 Summit, Khaleej Times reported that various builders, company representatives, entrepreneurs, creators, and other professionals gathered to discuss Dubai’s progress with modern technology and metaverse.

At the conference, Khalifa AlJaziri AlShehhi told the audience, “People are excited to come to Dubai, and the UAE, to experience new technologies and the possibilities of the future.”

Dubai deeply understands the need for proper regulations in the metaverse to ensure it remains a stable virtual world. Since Dubai has promised its citizens about bringing their daily life into the metaverse, the demand for regulation arises more than ever.

In the metaverse, Dubai citizens will be able to walk around, pay bills, and socialize with other people. Although this plan seems to be quite long-term because Dubai will need to educate its citizens about the technology.

The entrepreneurs and builders have already taken the first step, i.e. building the metaverse. AlJaziri AlShehhi also shared that the country is at a good start but still many challenges come their way, including regulations.

As of now, the Dubai government is looking for ways to explore the possibilities within regulations instead of looking for limitations. The entrepreneurs, officials, and builders are all on the page to make the metaverse a success.