Ducati partners with NFTPro 

Ducati partners with NFTPro 

Ducati, an Italian motorcycle manufacturing company, recently announced a partnership with NFT Pro, a White Label NFT Solution for Blue-Chip Brands for Web3 initiatives. The company will be debuting its first-ever NFT collection on Ripple with the help of NFT Pro.

In a recent press release, Ducati expressed its intentions to enter the Web3 and NFT space with the help of NFTPro. Ducati said, “Upcoming Ducati projects will be deployed using Ripple, the leading blockchain partner providing technical support on the ultra-fast, low-cost, and carbon-neutral XRP Ledger (XRPL) blockchain.”

Ducati’s NFT collection will give fans the opportunity to participate in upcoming Web3 events. The CEO Claudio Domenicali expressed excitement about building a community and connecting with fans by launching their very own digital assets giving the complete Ducati-style experience.

Widely known for its sports motorcycles with attractive designs, Ducati is trying out modern technology.

Ducati has been a pioneering manufacturer when it comes to new technologies. Ducati holds the record of the first-ever brand to sell the first motorcycle online in 2000. With every innovation, Ducati has taken the chance to consider how it can be an advantage to their overall brand.

Now, Ducati has partnered with NFT Pro with the hope to establish itself in the Web3 space. The CEO of NFT Pro said, 

“The opportunity to work with such an iconic motorcycle brand is a dream come true for us,” He said, We’re extremely proud to be a critical part of Ducati’s NFT launch and look forward to creating more cool projects for their fans to engage with.”