ENS and owner sues GoDaddy for selling eth.link to Manifold Finance

Ethereum Name Service (ENS) team and the previous owner of eth.link, Virgil Griffith,  sues GoDaddy for selling the domain name to Manifold Finance. The lawsuit was filed in a court in Arizona, USA.

Virgil Griffith, the previous owner of eth.link, is looking for ways to get the domain name back from the current owner, Manifold Finance. However, the lawsuit is expected to have complications.

According to our source, GoDaddy had reported that the ownership over eth.link domain name expired on Sep 5. But the company transferred it to Dynadot LLC which put the domain for auction.

As soon as the auction came on for the domain name, Manifold Finance bought it and posted about it on Twitter. However, a lead developer from ENS, Nick.eth, claimed it hadn’t expired yet.

After that, the interaction between the two remained unknown for days, and then the lawsuit was announced today against GoDaddy and Manifold Finance by True Names Ltd., the parent company of ENS.

eth.link is an important domain name for Ethereum designed by programmer Griffith to link the Web2 domain name system with the Web3 domain name in the Ethereum blockchain.

Griffith losing rights to own eth.link might cause problems for the developer team who have been working on different projects under it. Currently, the link opens to Manifold’s official website.

As of now, no updates to the lawsuit have been reported but this is an important case that would define the future of ENS and domain names.

Will ENS switch to permanent ownership like Unstoppable domains or keep the yearly renewal contract system? This lawsuit will give a definite answer.


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