ENS wins lawsuit over GoDaddy, regains ownership over eth.link

Ethereum Name Service or ENS wins the domain name service lawsuit against GoDaddy and Manifold Finance last Sunday. The team has finally regained ownership over eth.link domain name.

A few weeks ago, eth.link, the ENS domain name, owned by programmer Virgil Griffith, was listed for auction; GoDaddy allegedly sent the domain name to Dynadot even before the expiration date.

Griffith along with the ENS team sued GoDaddy for violating the contract laws stated by the domain name service provider by unfairly listing the domain name for auction as reported by NFTStudio24.

The case was quite important because eth.link is a high-profile domain name. Users can link websites on the Domain Name System using their .eth domain names on Ethereum Name Service.

The auction bid for eth.link was $800,000 won by Manifold Finance who changed eth.link’s website to their official website. This caused problems because all ETH links were connected to the eth.link.

The lawsuit was heard in court and the result came back with Griffith winning the case. Now, the domain name has officially been transferred back to the previous owner by Manifold Finance.

If you search for the eth.link, the links will open for the Ethereum Name Service instead of the Manifold Finance website.

The issues surrounding the ENS domain name ownership have been circulating a lot these days due to the yearly renewal policy that demands owners to renew their ownership over .eth.

For people who have spent millions of dollars on projects that link with .eth or have an identity attached to .eth, losing ownership over the domain names can cause problems.


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Will ENS reconsider its renewal policy or maintain it? The ENS owners are hoping for the better.