Fashion Brand GCDS’s mascot character to debut as NFT

This Friday, Fashion Brand, GCDS, or “God Can’t Destroy Streetwear” is debuting its alien mascot character into an NFT. Holders will get access to exclusive benefits and the GCDS’ global community.

According to the press release, GCDS is taking the NFT initiative to expand its brand into the Web3 space. Its mascot pink character turning into NFTs is a symbolic moment for the brand.

The NFT collection will feature  4,888 unique tokens minted on the Ethereum blockchain. The holders will receive a 1/1 portrait and exclusive benefits such as access to concert tickets and raffles.

Other benefits include a 30% discount in online stores and digital items on virtual platforms, pre-sales of runway pieces and capsule collections, and a chance to win runway show tickets.

GCDS aims to build a global community that can safeguard its assets via blockchain technology. The brand can also “generate value” without producing physical goods.

When referring to the alien mascot, the designer explains: “It’s a symbolic character and invites you to celebrate who you are. I got into fashion [and was perceived] as an alien.”

The alien represents all of us who are perceived as weird, but in reality, are just themselves. It’s all about self-acceptance that GCDS, as a fashion brand, promotes through its clothing line.

The NFT collection is set to be released this Friday on the company’s official website and people can buy them using fiat or cryptocurrency.

“Everybody can invest in NFTs, they are accessible and transferable to anyone in the world,” said GCDS CEO Giordano Calza.

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