is the real NFT artist, PAK?

Federico Calpis

Federico Calpis

PAK, a world-renowned NFT artist who has been hiding their identity for a long time, just revealed themselves, and it’s none other but Federico Calpis. Calpis on his official Twitter tweeted “I’m PAK.”  After that, he retweeted a tweet made by PAK, confirming that he might be the NFT artist.

Although this might sound suspicious because Calpis didn’t really explain or defend himself when he tweeted that.

He simply wrote two words and left the whole Twitter in chaos. At first, people thought he was trolling but then when some explored the similarities in terms of art style, there’s no doubt in saying that Federico Calpis is PAK.

PAK is a programmer, digital artist, and cryptocurrency investor. Widely known for his crypto artworks such as Merge, which is one of the most expensive NFTs in the world, and the creation of the Archillect NFT platform, PAK was always assumed to be a team but turns out he is a single individual and also an artist.

Calpis entered the NFT space a little later after PAK and has been following the same pattern of rewards to his collectors.

However, Calpis’ claim about being PAK is still not confirmed because a similar thing happened when superstar Paris Hilton claimed that she is PAK.

Is Murat Pak really Federico Calpis or is the artist fooling everyone? The facts and observations show Calpis might be the real PAK after all.