to sell QR-based NFT tickets for Fellaz Showdown Tokyo 2022

Fellaz, a Singapore-based Web3 entertainment ecosystem, introduces QR-based NFT ticketing for “Fellaz Showdown Tokyo 2022,” a street dance battle this Sunday at 1OAK Tokyo, Japan.

The NFT holders will receive access to enter the grand event to enjoy the performance of two popular street dance crews from Japan and Korea, and the headliner M-Flo, along with DJ Taku Takahashi.

The event is being hosted in collaboration with Rakuten Sports. For the first time, Fellaz is introducing ticketing on the Klaytn blockchain that will become a graphic souvenir for attendees.

Fellaz aims to become a decentralized Web3 ecosystem for music artists, creators, and fans by providing one-step solutions and hosting festivals integrated with blockchain technology.

As Web3 expands, many startups are exploring various possibilities to utilize blockchain in daily life. Fellaz is taking the initiative to lead entertainment into Web3 for a better experience.

Fellaz Showdown Tokyo 2022 is the first street dance culture event that will feature a 45-minute 1/1 dance battle performance and a 75-minute DJ performance to make the night memorable.

“Fellaz Showdown Tokyo 2022 not only marks our entry into the Japanese market, but also marks…a milestone for Fellaz. It will be a testament to our commitment to innovation,” – CEO Bobby Bhatia.

Fellaz also shared that they will also be hosting Fellaz Showdown in many countries across Asia in the coming months.

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