FIFA Qatar 2022 reveals new Web3 games portfolio

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is finally happening after two years of waiting. This time, the FIFA team is doing something different by introducing a portfolio of Web3 games to entertain the fans.

Football lovers are in for a treat this year as FIFA integrates Web3. It has already dropped many esports games in the past years, and now it's shifting to blockchain-based games for engagement.

The games included in the portfolio are Uplandme Matchday Phygtl Altered State Machine and many more.

Uplandme is a metaverse game where players can trade FIFA+Collect assets stored on the Alogrand blockchain. The virtual platform is a replica of real world, so fans can also see the match stadiums.

Phygtl and Matchday are yet to be launched but both are connected to FIFA World Cup in their gameplay storylines and assets.

For an interactive play, Altered State Machine is an AI-based 4-on-4 football game. The players act as coaches of their AI teams and come up with strategies to win the match.

Following the announcement, FIFA’s CBO, Romy Gai said, “As we continue to build our gaming strategy long into future, it’s certain that web 3.0 will have an important role to play…”

The games selected for the FIFA World Cup are connected to the FIFA+ Playzone and FIFA+ Collect, which will expand further in the near future.

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