FrogLand joins Blockchain Game Alliance to educate  and build Metaverse

FrogLand is now the official member of the Blockchain Game Alliance. The project will be building a collaborative Web3 metaverse and educating its Frog community about blockchain

FrogLand is a Web3 project, widely known for its The Notorious Frogs of FrogLand collection featuring hand-drawn 10,000 NFTs, each having its own Personal Access Domain in the metaverse.

This project is mainly building an innovative virtual platform that brings together the Notorious Frogs community. In fact, Frogland is the founding District of NewPangea Metaverse.

The FrogLand team wants to build a metaverse where users can co-create and have IP ownership over their work. It’s mainly going to be a collaborative project with other creators and developers.

“Our goal is to build something new using the power of crypto NFT crowdfunding to break the traditional model of game development...” the team said in a Medium post.

BGA is all about breaking tradition and innovating by using blockchain technology. It is home to many talented individuals and rising companies that are actively contributing to the space.

FrogLand used the 10,000 NFTs to crowdfund its project and is now moving forward with metaverse led by seven co-founders from NewPangea and Good Ribbit Productions, LLC.

The Frogland game features NFTs, land ownership on New Pangea, a digital economy, wearables, mini-games, and much more, all designed on blockchain by expert game development studios.

This project onboards developers, gamers, and Froghodlers in its metaverse to promote a collaborative virtual platform while educating the masses, which aligns well with the vision of BGA.

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