criticized for selling NFT games without the creator's permission

GameStop’s NFT marketplace initiative seems to be filled with bad luck ever since its announcement. This time, GameStop is under fire for listing the NiFTy Arcade collection by Nathan Ello featuring NFTs attached to playable HTML games by crypto wallets on its NFT marketplace.

According to a developer, the HTML games were minted without the permission of the original creators. This means GameStop didn’t cross-check the NFTs listed on its marketplace and this led to massive criticism in the community.

This isn’t the first time GameStop faced criticism. In fact, a few months ago, an artist posted an offensive and sensitive picture of a person falling down to death during the attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, as NFT.

This time, Nathan Ello made headlines after he posted HTML games without consent. Additionally, since the games have never been listed on a blockchain, the ownership belongs to him, making the situation even more complicated for the original creators.

GameStop failed to regulate its marketplace, making it guilty of this scandal as well. As of now, the marketplace has unlisted the NiFTy Arcade collection and suspended Ello’s account as well.

Nonetheless, the HTML games have already been minted on blockchain permanently, so they will exist in the network forever.