Glorious Digital x Nelson Mandela Foundation to debut Mandela NFTs

The Nelson Mandela Foundation partners with Glorious Digital, an Auckland-based creative NFT Studio to debut a series of NFTs based on Nelson Mandela. The announcement was made on July 18, which is called Mandela Day.

According to the foundation, the NFT collection will honor the long-life legacy and inspirations of Nelson Mandela, the Noble Prize Winner.

Through NFTs, the foundation aims to promote something positive and memorable in the history of Human Rights, his fight against oppression, and racism.

The NFT collection itself will feature the main moments in the life of Nelson Mandela so that the younger generations get to see the visual details of the historical figure.

In partnership with Nelson Mandela Foundation, Glorious Digital will have access to personal papers, photographs, and other historical artifacts which will help the NT studio understand Mandela better and create the most authentic digital collectibles.

“To be entrusted with Mandela’s archive, legacy, and messages of togetherness, optimism, leadership, equality, freedom, and hope, amongst others, is an honor and a privilege,”  says Tim Harper, Glorious Digital’s Chief Executive.

Since this NFT collection is stored in a blockchain, the historical NFTs will remain stored for centuries to come even if the original papers are lost or damaged in the future.

The Mandela NFTs is a long-term project that will do a series of NFT drops in the span of 10 years. The foundation is yet to release details on the official launch