Goblintown collaborates with Atari X for a new Web3 arcade game

Goblintown.wtf is collaborating with Atari X and Nicky Doodles to launch a new Web3 arcade game featuring Goblin and Grumpl NFTs called “Goblin Crash.”

The team recently dropped a sneak peek in a trailer and teaser poster, showing an immersive arcade game with goblins on different kinds of vehicles.

The artwork of these creepy-looking yet uniquely designed Goblins on trashed vehicles is done by the Truth team’s two artists: Qoo and Grey, who is also the co-founder of goblintown.

Widely known for its slogan “No roadmap. No Discord. No utility. CC0.” Truth Labs, the creator company, seems to be experimenting with new ways to attract holders’ interest.

Atari X is a new Web3 initiative by Atari that will be joining Goblintown along with Nifty Labs to make this game successful.

According to some of the discussions held on Space, Goblin Crash is similar to Mario Kart and its genre is like an arcade game.

Although the Truth team hasn’t revealed the dates of its release, holders and other NFT fans can hope to see it soon.

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