NFT Game Review:

NFT Game Review: 

Gods Unchained, an NFT Trading Card P2E Game

Gods Unchained is this year’s best-selling NFT trading card game featuring a play-to-earn model in the gaming industry. It is a pioneering crypto card project with a lot of utility and benefits.

Gods Unchained Gameplay offers a variety of options for players to battle and earns rewards. Players are required to earn EXP to receive cards and new skills.

There are mainly three types of Gods Unchained NFT cards: – Creature – Relic – Spell Each card is unique with a mana cost, attack type, and durability of use until it is unequipped.

All of these set symbols cards can be equipped before the battle for one of the Gods: Deception, Light, Death, Nature, Magic, and War.

Two players are against each other in an arena with a deck of thirty cards each. They can choose any cards to empower their God’s skills to fight against the enemy by reducing their health to zero.

Gods Unchained NFT trading cards are available on the Immutable X Marketplace. The gaming platform offers players an opportunity to buy, sell, and trade NFT cards using ETH or $GODs tokens.

$GODS is an ERC-20 token for Gods Unchained gaming ecosystem that players can use to buy, sell, and trade NFTs, create NFTs, and gain rewards.

Gods Unchained is a successful gaming project that provides maximum utility to the players. Unlike PFP NFT collections, this NFT card game gives you the opportunity to earn as you enjoy playing.


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