Grease Monkey Games x Nissan to debut virtual experience with utility

Grease Monkey Games x Nissan to debut virtual experience with utility

Grease Monkey Games, a subsidiary of Animoca Games, has partnered with Nissan Motor Company Japan for the motorsport game Torque Drift 2, a metaverse platform built on the Polygon blockchain.

Players can now enjoy the drifting experience in a virtual platform and own a Nissan variant, personally designed by Nissan Company for a personalized experience.

According to the press release, 15 model variants will be launched in 12 months having a wide range of variants.

The first NFT collection will have 5 variants for the 180SX model like cult-favorite Sil80 and 7 variants for the 370Z model along with the 50th Anniversary edition in the most realistic form ever.

Grease Monkey Games will be given access to all the details about Nissan, Datsun, and Infiniti, including horsepower, engine, color, rare NISMO parts, performance stats, etc. to make the perfect car.

“Nissan is synonymous with drifting and motorsport, full stop,” said GMG founder Arran Potter. “ We are working very hard to ensure maximum respect for this important legacy.”

With Torque Drift 2, GMG will be expanding its metaverse endeavors beyond the limitations with Nissan as its official collaborator. This game is expected to be even better than Torque Drift 1.

Nissan has already been a partner for Torque Drift 1, so this collaboration is an extension of their long-term relationship.

“Torque Drift 2 interactive racing is sure to build upon the legacy that Grease Monkey Games has developed from the first title, Torque Drift 1,” a representative from Nissan said.

More details and release date for the Nissan virtual motors on Torque Drift 2 will be announced soon.

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