Hacker Group Anonymous launches investigation on BAYC over Nazi allegations

The famous hacker and social activist group, Anonymous, came on Twitter to announce they will be investigating Bored Ape Yacht Club and the involved team over Nazi involvement.

A few months ago, the founders of BAYC came under the radar for promoting pro-nazi imagery in their artwork. An NFT influencer and creator, Ryder Ripps claimed that BAYC and Yuga Labs' logo, name, and everything related to Bored Apes was pro-Nazi.

Following the allegations, the founders, Gordon Goner, Emperor Tomato Ketchup, Garga, and Sass came forward to address the issue. They published a big statement on Medium clarifying the allegations.

Everyone thought the clear statement by the founders was the end of the story but Anonymous, today, announced they will probe to see whether the founders’ claim is true or not.

Anonymous posted a video on their official Twitter account saying,  “Anonymous wants to take the time to open a discussion about the BAYC collection along with the awareness of the enthusiasts and the intent of the creators.”

“We don’t care if you have Nazi, Fascist, Racist, or Nihilist views… but what we would take issue with is if a brand would inject those ideologies to unsuspecting collectors and enthusiasts by leveraging esoteric symbolism, crypt coding, anagrams, and other various dog whistles within that brand. You. Now have our attention.”

The video also stated that the investigations will take several months and the hacker group will be taking into account every allegation official or unofficial to fully investigate the case.