$185,000 from Bill Murray’s crypto wallet

Hackers steal

Hackers steal

After the successful charity auction of Bill Murray’s NFT, the hackers hacked into Bill Murray’s crypto wallet and drained out the collected funds of around 119.2 WETH worth $185,000.

Bill Murray 1000 NFT collection features 1,000 artworks from his lifelong career. Many people showed interest in its launch, and the collection was able to collect $119.2 Wrapped Ether.

According to the data on Etherscan, the hackers attacked at 7:00 p.m. ET on Thursday. Project Venkman shared that they first took out 108.03 WETH and then 1.73 WETH, draining it out completely.

The hackers also tried stealing 800 NFTs in the wallet but Project Venkman moved them to safety.

Bill Murray’s wallet contained many high-priced NFTs such as Damien Hirst NFT, a Pudgy Penguin, two CryptoPunks, a Cool Cat, and Flower Girls NFTs. Project Venkman safeguarded them.

According to Murray’s team, the hackers have sent the funds to a Binance and Unionchain.ai crypto wallet. The address has been identified but the culprit still remains unknown.

According to Gavin Gillas from Project Venkman, the hackers most likely exploited unauthorized access to drain wallets via a phishing link.

NFT scams and phishing attacks have become quite common. Despite having a whole team to manage the NFT project and its safety, the hackers were still able to attack Murray’s wallet.

Murray’s team has reported the case to the police and is working with Chainanalysis, a crypto analytics company, to crack down on the hackers and recover the funds immediately.

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