Heroes Chained RPG

to release the beta version of its Play to Earn Game

Heroes Chained, a metaverse-based action role-playing fantasy game, dropped the Closed Beta trailer for its play-and-earn game built on Avalanche blockchain set to go live on August 5, 2022.

Heroes Chained is a fantasy RPG game in which a player can become a Guild Master and recruit other players as heroes. It introduces the “Play And Earn” concept to GameFi, challenging “Play To Earn.”

Heroes Chained is set in the World of Ventuna which is under the dominance of Dark Lord Oblivion and his companions. Survivors from all over the world have gathered to build the largest metropolis in history called Last Hope and fight against evil in hopes to liberate the planet from evil.

For quests, the more players explore, the more opportunities they will get to buy lands, claim artefacts, and other in-game assets. For the PvP component, the players will fight Guild vs. Guild. With each win, the players will receive promised rewards.

Unlike other blockchain games that usually offer P2E options, Heroes Chained stands out as an authentic game that offers players the opportunities to play and earn.

The heroes can fight in PvE and PvP action and earn rewards in the form of the native crypto token, the HeC token, which is both an in-game and governance token to the Heroes Chained DAO community.

To Win a Ticket to Quest in Ventuna, individuals must follow the guidelines mentioned on the official Twitter page until August 2, 2022.

Only 500 ticket holders will be allowed to enter the World of Ventuna.