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HK orchestra on Sandbox, HipHop artists attend Metaverse Concerts

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The Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra

will hold a concert on The Sandbox while Soulja Boy, Elijah Blake, and A$AP TyTy will perform at Metaverse Music Festival in Decentraland with LimeWire.

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the orchestra aims to attract younger people to increase their interest in classical music. So, coming May, the team will be holding a concert on the popular platform, The Sandbox.

According to SCMP

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The concert 

Metaverse Symphony

will be held live to perform

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by local film composer Elliot Leung Ho-yat at the  Hong Kong Cultural Centre shared by Benedikt Fohr, chief executive of the orchestra.

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“The HK Phil is proud to present our first-ever Arts Tech programme, connecting emerging composer Elliot Leung and our valued partners in creating the first metaverse-inspired symphony.”

LimeWire NFT marketplace

The best greenery, sights, and smells to take in and take an aimless stroll to.

On the other hand

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has partnered with Soulja boy.

Although the company was previously charged for “massive scale of infringement,” it is running again, but this time as a music NFT marketplace.


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The Sandbox and Decentraland.

The metaverse concerts are two completely different music genres but it shows that the industry is slowly moving towards the virtual 3D world adaptation, especially on

allow artists, creators, and singers to unleash their true talent in an open-source environment and let users have ownership over their assets.

These two platforms

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As the popularity of the metaverse increases, 

virtual concerts

will become more common than ever.

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