Horizon Worlds reveal VR concert to honor Biggie on Metaverse

Meta Horizon is pushing towards its metaverse adoption by adding new projects. The platform recently announced it would be holding a VR concert to honor Rapper Biggie’s music on December 16.

The VR concert experience will also feature guest rappers, Diddy, Latto Eli Fross, Nardo Wick, DJ Clark Kent, Lil Cease, and The Lox for a more immersive experience for hip-hop music fans.

Meta and CEO Mark Zuckerberg have been receiving a lot of criticism from the Web3 community for its low-quality VR metaverse platform. In fact, the company has lost millions of dollars in between.

Compared to that, Meta’s NFT feature addition on Instagram and Facebook is quite successful since it can open up new doorways for Web3. It also plans to create an NFT marketplace on Insta.

But when it comes to Horizon Worlds, Meta fails to improve it based on users' preferences. The platform can be considered the worst of all among low-budget metaverse platforms.

Recently, Meta Horizon revealed an event of some Godzilla attacking Wendyverse; the trailer shows such low-quality graphics, and the overall virtual environment was bleak and tasteless.

Now, the metaverse platform is bringing a VR concert experience by partnering with American and international artists. Knowing Facebook’s reputation, almost every singer is jumping on the bandwagon.

On December 16, Meta Horizon wants to honor The Notorious B.I.G. and his musical career by holding a virtual concert. The users will be able to experience it in VR in the Horizon Worlds.

Knowing The Notorious B.I.G.'s reputation in the music industry, it’s most likely to grab people’s attention. After all, even his NFT music was sold out on the marketplace.

Meta did reveal a trailer of the upcoming concert but the video didn’t show how the virtual concert is going to look like. Interested users can sign up for RSVP here.

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