HovR is the first in-game NFT exchange using Qi technology

Vortx Capital Pty LTD announced the launch of the world’s first-ever in-game NFT exchange called HovR on the Qi blockchain.

According to the official press release, the marketplace will offer cross-game items and player incentivization by utilizing Qi technology for fast transactions and low fees.

Qi blockchain is one of the emerging blockchain networks that HovR will leverage for in-game trading collectibles, Web3 domain names, avatars, ticket touting, and authentication of digital ownership for NFTs.

As a new marketplace, HovR aims to facilitate users with things that other marketplaces don’t offer. It is built to revolutionize the traditional gaming industry and lead it toward the Web3 space.

In other words, HovR will mainly be a secondary market where gamers can trade and rent in-game assets to other players.

The marketplace is built to give blockchain-based P2E games a platform where players can freely enjoy the Web3 experience in gaming. HovR has already debuted its NFT collection featuring 10,000 cities that will play an integral part in the P2E gaming industry in the future.

Although the traditional gamers hate the idea of NFTs, the P2E games are becoming highly popular around the world, the biggest example is Axie Infinity.

HovR is simply giving players a platform to try out the new blockchain-based games and own in-game assets by their preferences through its secondary marketplace exchange.

HovR team believes by an NFT exchange will surely motivate traditional players to try out the emerging world of blockchain gaming.