How Snoop Dogg's NFT collection is empowering small artists

Recently, Snoop Dogg released his own NFT collection, Death Row Session, Vol. 2 featuring 4 indie artists who have already been releasing NFT music for a long time in Web3 space and also split earnings from the project.

Snoop Dogg is a well-known NFT influencer who has participated in various Web3 projects; from NFTs to the blockchain. According to Forbes, the American rapper has opened up new possibilities for young artists to showcase their talent and earn the money they deserve.

The Death Row Session, Vol. 2 NFT collection included Snoop Dogg’s music featuring Iman Europe, MoRuf Adewunmi, Black Dave, and Heno. The payment was split in the smart contract, which means the income went directly to the artists' wallets instead of just Snoop Dogg.

“One ETH is the equivalent of almost 1 million music streams,” Iman said. “I made that in two minutes. A complete paradigm shift for sure,” from her collaboration with Snoop.

Furthermore, it gave the NFT holders benefits as well. Snoop Dogg said he wanted fans to earn something from his earnings as well.  “My fans made me who I am, but have never had an opportunity to truly make money off my music and my journey.”

Snoop Dogg's NFT collection has opened up a new door for artists to connect with their fans and give them something in return for their love. NFTs are not only transparent but also give fans the opportunity to own the music, unlike traditional capitalist companies.