How to Transfer Crypto from Freewallet to PayPal

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Freewallet is an online wallet that enables users to buy, store, receive, and send crypto around the world. It supports over 150 virtual currencies and offers a secure transaction between two parties.

Now you can transfer crypto from Freewallet to PayPal. The banking company announced they have added the crypto feature after it obtained a “full Bitlicense” from the NYDFS,

Freewallet offers

an instant transfer of Bitcoin to PayPal. On the PayPal app, click on the crypto section and choose Bitcoin (or any other coin). Tap on the Transfer button and select Receive

the verification process, you will be shown an address. Copy this address. Go to the Freewallet app/website and click on Send.

After completing

Click on BTC

in the “From” category, select Wallet Address below, and then Tap on Continue. Paste the copied address on the blank space, then click Continue.

Select Bitcoin

for the transaction currency and enter the amount you want to send and click Continue. Then tap on Withdraw. The amount will be transferred to the Paypal account.

The same method can be used to send Bitcoin from PayPal to Freewallet; instead of clicking on Receive, you click on Send on the PayPal app.

by many users and is overall rated 7/10. The wallet provides many features but the best thing about it is you can send cryptocurrency without having to pay any fee.

Freewallet is recommended

Furthermore, you can also use this service to buy Web3 products from stores that allow it as a payment method.