InfiniteWorld launches NFTGrade Analysis Tool to evaluate NFTs

InfiniteWorld, a well-known NFT and Metaverse infrastructure company that leverages creators and brands to establish their careers, just launched a new analysis platform called NFTGrade powered by Hedera blockchain and HBAR Foundation.

The tool will help buyers and collectors to evaluate NFTs through various assessment features.

According to the company, this platform is made to establish trust and confidence in the traditional art world in Web3 space. NFT Grade will integrate the physical and digital together by giving more opportunities to creators and artists around the world, and also maintain their art quality.

The co-creator of NFT Grade, Sean Shim-Boyle said,  “While there is enormous potential for NFTs to serve the best interests of artists, artist estates, foundations, museums, galleries, and auction houses among others—tools to validate acts of integrity from artifice and to distinguish the work of con-men from the sincere are needed.”

NFTGrade can evaluate NFTs on various blockchains including Ethereum, Polygon, and Hedera. The analysis takes place based on 11 criteria divided into 2 categories: Code and Media. InfiniteWorld announced it will add more blockchains and functionalities like connecting wallets in the coming months.

NFT Grade will be part of the SUKU Ecosystem and enhance NFT authenticity around the world by offering highly developed tools.

With the slogan of ‘Grade before you mint. Grade before you buy,’ NFT Grade is a perfect NFT feature to evaluate NFTs by generating an NFT conditional report.