Influencer Zeneca’s Twitter falls victim to a Hack

Influencer Zeneca’s Twitter falls victim to a Hack

Influencer Zeneca’s accounts fall victim to a hack. According to various sources, the hackers posted a phishing link via  Zeneca’s Twitter and Discord accounts for a fake airdrop of “Zen Academy Founders Pass” to fool users and attack their wallets.

Influencer Zeneca, widely known in the NFT community, had taken all the security measures, including 2-factor authentication to ensure his Twitter is safe but the hackers managed to hack the influencer’s account easily.

The hacker posted malicious links, following the same pattern as the previous hack on Yuga Labs Discord server. Many believe this hack is done by the same group of hackers that Yuga Labs warned in a tweet.

Yuga Labs has been investigating its Discord server hacks and tweeted a warning to the NFT community about a possible coordinated attack incoming. Many big accounts warned their users to alert and not to click on any suspicious links, including Influencer Zeneca, but he eventually lost access to his accounts on Discord and Twitter.

As soon as the hack happened, Twitter user NFTherder suspended the domain and the NFT community reported the account immediately.

No damages have been reported by anyone; however, Zeneca promised to help users who might’ve fallen victim to the hacker’s phishing attack. The Influencer also pointed out the need for “better infrastructure solutions, and we need better education.”

As of now, Zeneca’s official Twitter is locked and in the process of recovery. He will be posting updates via his second account @ZenAcademy_.