to launch EOS RED on IX ecosystem


Intella X partners with BluePotion Games, a subsidiary of Mr.Blue Company, to launch the MMORPG game, EOS RED, on the IX ecosystem.

The game is already managed by BluePotion Games, but the company will officially bring it to Intella X’s platform for the first time.

The gaming industry is slowly integrating blockchain technology as more and more players show their interest in Web3.

EOS RED was developed in South Korea by BluePotion Games using the Unity engine, which will now become a part of the IX gaming ecosystem. 

According to the official press release, EOS RED will have its own game token and NFT services for players to enjoy the whole gaming experience.

EOS RED has been designed to support low-spec devices for a global audience as a classic MMORPG game. It features a free trading system and an advanced PvP to its content arsenal.

EOS Red play-to-earn in the IX ecosystem will be similar to the current version but with more  “PVP elements within extensive PVE contents.”

Intella X gaming ecosystem is a newly emerged platform powered by Polygon. The ecosystem is built to accelerate game developers in Web3 and bring Web2-based games into the blockchain.

EOS RED will be the first MMORPG game to be included in the IX ecosystem.

As of now, no launch date has been released.