Metaverse Japan Summit 2022

Japan holds its first

Metaverse Japan, an organization dedicated to empowering metaverse technology in Japan, held its first conference, Metaverse Japan Summit 2022 on 14 July at Shibuya Stream Hall.

The conference brought together artists, developers, and Web3 experts from various industries to celebrate and discuss the development of virtual worlds.

An interesting session, reported by Forbes Japan, took place at the conference regarding artists in the metaverse.

“Artist Empowerment Created by Web3 Metaverse” was hosted by Mr. Shinko Nagata, Secretary General of Shibuya Mirai Design, attended by Ms. Emika Sawa from Metaverse Japan, Mr. Kiyoyuki Amano from Kayac Akiba Studio, and VR Artist Mr. Aimi Sekiguchi.

Ms. Sawa talked about her journey as a makeup artist in the creative industry. She got involved with new types of art styles such as e-sports and other social games.

“From that point on, from the end of 2017, I started to think about what I could do in real space, such as shooting and shooting images, virtually,” she said.

Continuing the conversation, Mr. Sekiguchi shared he started with art production in VR space and live paintings, and later he adopted NFTs to sell his work. Similarly, Mr. Amano as a film director noticed that immersive technology was slowly growing in his earlier days and adopted it in his works as well.

Mr. Sekiguchi added that with metaverse, artists will have more freedom and individuality with their work than in the traditional industry.

Overall, the common agreement between the artists was that metaverse is the perfect platform to explore creativity and innovation.