“Goon in The Moonlight” NFT goes for auction on SuperRare

Jim Carrey’s

Jim Carrey, Canadian-American Actor, Comedian, and Painter, announced the debut of his second NFT “Goon in The Moonlight,” currently live for auction on the SuperRare marketplace.

Goon in The Moonlight features The Truman Show (1998) star’s dark aesthetics and realistic artwork. “In the unavoidable romance of moonlight, the Goon is doomed to recoil from memories of lost loves and the agony of regret that can transform any one of us into something loathsome in our own mind,” Carrey explains.

The NFT also features exclusive audio of a poem recited by the actor about solitude and love. The track is produced in collaboration with Big Head Club, paired with background vocals sung by his daughter, Jane Carrey.

The NFT isn’t just an image, instead, it is an animation of how Jim drew the drawing and then completes it with a sudden burst of dark tone colors, giving a very mysterious, sad, and lonely vibes to the viewer.

Jim’s last NFT, Sunshower, was quite a colorful artwork using acrylic paints in collaboration with David Bushell, which sold for 62.04 ETH, around $116k.

The Goon in The Moonlight NFT is available for bidding on the SuperRare which will be over today.

The timer is still ticking, so if you want to buy the rare artwork personally designed by Jim Carrey then set your bid without missing any chance.