K-pop fans can now create customized NFTs on NOW. Drops

Naver Corp. and LINE NEXT launch the first-ever NFT service, NOW. Drops, for K-pop fans. The NFT platform will allow fans to create and monetize customized NFTs of their favorite idols.

The popularity of NFTs in K-pop fan culture hasn’t entered as of yet but Naver is taking the first step to introduce an NFT platform that matches the preferences of K-pop fans to create NFTs.

According to an official press release, fans will be able to mint NFTs by cropping out videos from Naver’s NOW. app, Naver’s live streaming platform for K-pop artists and entertainers.

LINE NEXT is basically the subsidiary of LINE for NFT endeavors. This project with Naver is the first experiment into entering the Korean entertainment market with digital collectibles.

Lined Circle
Lined Circle

NOW. Drops NFT platform is available on DOSI, which is LINE’s e-wallet and connects their accounts with social media to get started.

To get started, the fans need to first buy “crystals,” which are kind of like native tokens for NOW. Drops. Crystals holders can then mint NFTs and buy other NFTs on the NFT platform.

NOW. Drops platform was launched and promoted during the K-pop girl group NMIXX’s comeback showcase on the NOW app. The group also held an airdrop event on NOW. Drops for fans.

NFTs are relatively new to K-pop fans, and most people who do know about NFTs have extreme views of them, preventing many companies from fully adapting to this new technology.

Will NOW. Drops NFT platform be successful? The fans' response will determine the answer.

Lined Circle
Lined Circle

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