Kevin Rose announces

is moving to CC0 public license


Kevin Rose recently announced Moonbirds will be moving to CC0 or Creative Commons, the public domain. All Moonbirds NFTs will have “no rights reserved” and give creators the freedom to explore various possibilities without any limitations.

The whole idea behind NFTs or non-fungible tokens was to give creators and collectors the freedom to buy, sell, and trade their works in digital forms without any third-party involvement.

Kevin Rose who is the founder of Moonbirds shared that usually, works of artists have been enforced or protected under copyright laws by companies who have no right to do so.

According to him, Web3 provides artists the freedom to create things without being limited and have full ownership over their work.

By making Moonbirds CC0, the Moonbirds team is opening doors for creators to creatively combine work for commercial purposes in a creative-neutral platform like Ethereum without any limitations.

“@JustinMezzell (my co-founder), @joshcook (our president), and I have decided to set Moonbirds and Oddities free and embrace the CC0 movement that allows any and all modifications to what we’ve built,”  said Rose in a tweet.

“The authenticity of Moonbirds will not come from lawyers enforcing trademarks but rather from the proven provenance and single source of truth of smart contracts,” He added.

Rose also announced he is forming Moonbirds DAO to oversee the licensing of Moonbirds and work towards giving creative freedom and preventing any scams in the future.