KIA America launches NFT campaign for 2023 Kia Soul car

KIA America is stepping into the NFT world with its brand-new campaign titled “Built for Whoever You Are.” According to the official press release shared with NFTStudio24, KIA will release 10,100 NFTs in partnership with David&Goliath to showcase the 2023 Kia Soul model launch.

KIA will broadcast a 30-second clip commercial campaign featuring three DASK NFT characters, designed by the David&Goliath, driving the KIA Soul 2023 in different sceneries. In the clip, a QR code will be displayed that people can scan to claim NFTs in their wallets.

The NFTs are supported by the Sweet NFT platform and the claimed NFTs will be transferred to an individual’s Sweet Wallet.

“The Soul is as individualistic as the NFTs are, and as a brand, Kia is always innovating to stay on the cutting edge,”  said Russell Wager from Kia America.

The NFT collection is a 3D-generated 10,100 collectibles with over 150 handcrafted features. The collection will include special edition generative DASK and Kia-themed NFTs in a limited supply.

According to the creative behind KIA NFTs, the team drew inspiration from the idea of the soul attached to living, breathing, and driving which highlights the individuality of a person. The DASK skeletons perfectly embody the concept for the 2023 Kia Soul model.

KIA America is the first-ever brand to advertise NFTs on national television across the country, which will help common people understand the true purpose of NFTs and the emerging world of Web3.