Klever releases the official whitepaper

Klever recently launched its mainnet layer 1, KleverChain, and a governance token, KFI on July 1, 2022. The company also released its official whitepaper to give an overview of upcoming features and functionalities within the blockchain.

As the crypto storm continues to drown the prices, KleverChain emerges as a new blockchain solution for developers and users. With a mission of making blockchain simple and easy inspired by Bitcoin as an “ideal base layer.”

Before launching its own blockchain, Klever Finance proved to be a strong platform on the Tron network. Now Klever is building its own ecosystem which will link all Klever’s products to the same network.

Klever has a completely different approach and instead builds the Klever Blockchain with smart contracts coded into the blockchain itself. It is inspired by what Satoshi Nakamoto did with Bitcoin: code once and the Klever contract or Kapp as we call it will be there forever for anyone to use,  says Dio Ianakiara, Co-Founder & CEO of Klever.

Klever is a permissionless network offering high-performance with 3000 transactions per second, cost-efficiency, and a consensus-focused governance cycle for its users.

The technology is also built as a multichain to bridge with other networks such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB Chain, Tron, and many more.

Klever isn’t just a blockchain network, it’s a proper ecosystem. KleverChain will connect Klever’s all products such as Klever Wallet, Klever Exchange, and KleverNFT. By making KFI its native token, users will be able to buy and sell various items within the ecosystem.

KleverChain is a new chapter of the Klever ecosystem that will open up doors to more opportunities for developers and creators. Klever aims to add as many Kapps as it can on an international scale.

By providing one-click solutions to developers, KleverChain aims to pioneer in revolutionizing the blockchain industry as a whole. KleverChain is dedicated to leading modern technologies and the decentralized world to another level.