Kpop Group Aespa x Blake Kathryn debut NFTs with a rare meet-&-greet

Aespa, a global Kpop Girl group, is debuting its first NFT collection called “æ girls” in collaboration with Web3 artist Blake Kathryn. The NFTs will drop in three parts on Sotheby’s marketplace.

SM Entertainment, the management company of Aespa, shared exclusive details about the collection. The holders will receive access to special content and a meet-and-greet with Aespa in Korea.

The collection will be released starting from October 13 at 2 pm PT to October 21 at 8 am PT in three parts via an auction. Each part will be up for sale for two days or a week to mint.

The first series is an open edition, an unlimited supply of NFTs minted on Sotheby’s. The NFTs will be like an access key and holders will also receive one more digital artwork piece.

The second series is called “Altars with a limited supply of 32 NFTs for every group member: Katrina, Winter, NingNing, and Giselle, featuring personalized recordings of members explaining the NFT.

The highest bidder of Altars’ first edition will also receive an autographed print of group members and the artist.

The last series will be a single-edition NFT for each member called “Dreamspace.” The holder will get to meet Kathryn and receive a free trip to Seoul to meet Aespa and attend their concert.

“We love connecting with our fans in new ways that embrace technology, and this new NFT collection is really cool, cute, and cutting edge,” Aespa members shared.

“My hope is that it reflects female artists pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, blurring the lines between real and virtual to create a new kind of fandom,” said Kathryn.

Aespa’s concept of futuristic AI in their music videos and song production matches well with the idea of the metaverse. In fact, in their latest single “Girls” they mention the word “Meta Universe.”

The collaboration with Kathryn to debut the NFT collection might be the first step for the group to enter the Metaverse soon.