Kpop Group Cherry Bullet x Gemie to debut metaverse NFTs

Cherry Bullet, a Kpop Group of 7 members, has partnered with Gemie to debut its first-ever NFTs on the metaverse platform. The fans will get a chance to connect with the “Gemstars” in virtual space.

Gemie is an Asia-based metaverse and NFT marketplace where users can get a virtual experience and collect digital assets to trade, sell, and buy while enjoying various benefits.

The platform is jumping on the global bandwagon by bringing in Kpop Groups and other A-list celebrities with international fandoms to attract interest in the metaverse.

So far, P1Harmony and Hanjin Tan have announced a partnership with Gemie, and now Cherry Bullet will also be joining the line-up with their upcoming NFT collection for fans to collect.

According to Gemie, the platform aims to connect the “traditional entertainment players” with Web3. The group will be able to create NFTs and do virtual concerts without having to move physically.

“We've been looking for new ways to connect with our community… We are excited to work with Gemie…to build the digital items and spaces we're imagining,” the group shared.

“We hope that Gemie will serve as a platform for highlighting Asian talent in our home nations and as a link to share Asian entertainment with the world,” said Gemie’s co-founder John.

Gemie recently launched the alpha version of its platform where players can customize their avatars, decorate Gemie rooms, and complete missions at the Gemie Town Square.

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