Lamborghini's latest NFT collection embarks on an ‘Epic Road Trip’

Lamborghini, the world’s leading luxury sportscar manufacturer, is expanding into the digital world with its latest NFT drop. The brand has already released two NFT collections, which successfully sold out.

This time, Lamborghini is partnering with NFT PRO and INVNT GROUP. The ‘Epic Road Trip’ NFT series embarks its holders on a journey to the space with Lamborghini car from August 2022 till March 2023.

This project is connected to the ultimate big reveal of a  “first-of-its-kind new vehicle” that “pushes the boundaries of design, experience, innovation, and emotion.”

Every month for eight months, the team will drop 4 NFTs for four days consecutively. The first three silver NFTs are unlimited editions, each for $196.30, while the fourth gold NFT is a rare edition of Lamborghini’s 1963 heritage each for $1,963 with only 63 units for mint. “We’re honored to grow our relationship with Lamborghini and to be partnering with  NFT PRO to celebrate innovation and Lamborghini’s 1963 heritage,” said Scott Cullather, President, and CEO of INVNT GROUP.

The users who collect three NFTs will receive a silver puzzle piece per month, while those who buy all four NFTs will receive a gold puzzle piece.

Each NFT will be available for purchase within 24 hours. After that, the NFTs can be purchased from the secondary marketplace.

Those who are successful in collecting all silver or gold puzzle pieces by the end of the campaign in March 2023 will be given access to  “an ultra-rare and exclusive ‘reveal’ NFT.”