Mark Zuckerberg 

says Meta’s equipment will mimic human expressions

Meta is gearing up for a new equipment release in October this year. CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a podcast interview says the new equipment will enable avatars to mimic facial expressions and actions.

Zuckerberg recently sat down with a controversial podcast host Joe Rogan for a 3-hour-long interview where he shared different aspects of Meta platforms, aspirations, and his personal life.

When discussing Meta, the CEO shared that Meta is working on new equipment to enable avatars to mimic human expressions and actions to make them look realistic, “to augment the experience further.”

“Virtual reality really convinces your brain you are there. You have to convince your brain that this isn’t real and that you are not actually there,” he said.

Instead of going for a special AR headset, Meta plans on introducing AR glasses made with  “waveguide” technology from plastic or glass.

With the AR glasses, Zuckerberg predicts that the interaction between people will most likely change in the next five years via holograms, and physical things will be replaced with virtual things.

He gives the example of a TV. A TV doesn’t need to be physically available. An app on the wall is enough to watch TV with a flick of the fingers. Meta aims to create a metaverse just like that.

According to Zuckerberg, Meta has spent over $10B on research this year. All of it was focused on building things and the technology needed to make the projects successful, such as the AR glasses.

He also shared that the company is working on gloves that will allow people to feel objects in the virtual world. However, currently, AR glasses are ready to be revealed to the world in October.

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