Melania Trump launches Christmas ornaments NFTs

The former first lady, Melania Trump, is dropping “The Christmas Star,” six traditional Christmas ornaments on that can be redeemed for NFTs. The pre-orders begin on Sep 15.


Like many personalities, Melania has shown a keen interest in NFTs. Previously, Melania debuted an NFT “Head of State Collection” which was sold for $180,000; later revealed to be bought by her.

This time, she is attempting again by dropping NFTs to fund scholarships for foster children. The NFT collection will be launched via USA Memorabilia on the Solana blockchain.

According to Melania, “The Christmas Star” is a limited edition of Christmas ornaments based on the theme of hope embodied by the handcrafted star. The NFTs will be animated versions of this star.

“My hope is for families across the world to use The Christmas Star ornament to inspire their loved ones with positive purpose, aspirations, and values as we enter the new year,” she said.

Each brass ornament features Melania Trump’s signature and is exclusively available for the 2022 Christmas Season for $35-$45. A part of the proceeds will go to the foster children community.

The special thing about these Christmas ornaments is that they are designed personally by Melania herself and are made in the United States, capturing the true spirit of American Christmas.

People can buy these ornaments and redeem them from The NFTs can also be sold on the secondary marketplace since the holders have complete ownership over the NFTs.

The pre-orders for  “The Christmas Star” begin from Sep 15 until Oct. 2. All the physical ornaments are expected to be delivered before Christmas.