Meta to add NFT Spark AR compatibility  on Instagram and Facebook

Meta announces a successful integration of the NFT feature on Instagram and Facebook in its latest press release. The company hinted at the future plans of adding Spark AR filter on the apps as well.

Meta platforms have been actively involved with NFT, metaverse, and Web3 this year. So far, CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduced metaverse avatars and a long-awaited NFT feature on social media platforms.

The NFT feature on both platforms enables users to upload their NFTs as a normal picture in the feed. The apps only support Polygon and Ethereum, and wallets with ERC721 tokens as of now.

In fact, Polygon is the official Web3 partner of Meta to assist in building its Web3 ecosystem. This is why Meta supports Polygon blockchain-based NFTs as well.

Initially, the NFT feature was only available to US creators to test them, later it was released to all US users. Now, anyone around the world can upload their NFTs on Instagram and Facebook.

Following the successful launch, Meta announced they will be expanding their NFT endeavors further by supporting Solana and Flow soon in a recent press release.

Another big feature they will introduce is the NFT Spark AR filter compatibility. This feature will enable users to view their 2D NFTs in a physical space using the mobile AR or camera roll.

Meta aims to make the concept of NFTs and metaverse mainstream by adding this NFT feature. Having over 2.87 billion users on its various platforms, it has the power to lead in the Web3 mass adoption.

The NFT feature will surely leave people curious to explore the new technology and might eventually become part of the NFT space as well.



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