adds a new authentication feature to avoid wallet drains

MetaMask’s newest update on the extension browser and mobile app comes with a new feature. The new 10.18.0 update requires users to grant permission instead of automatically processing it.

This new feature comes after MetaMask users reported increasing NFT scams that drained out wallets.  Before the update, the wallet users would click a link and the wallet would automatically give permission to access the digital assets. It was a loophole that hackers used to steal NFTs and other digital content within minutes.

Although this doesn’t guarantee 100% security, it is still a much-needed feature that would save MetaMask users from scams as they will be given time to think before they grant permission.

For the past few months, many wallets have been drained out of their digital assets because of automatic permission. MetaMask software engineer Alex Donesky shared a  step-by-step guide to the new software.

He also talked about the frequent hacks and phishing attacks, he said,  “There is some urgency to get something out there since this method is so commonly used.”  But MetaMask users will now have the facility to grant permissions before anyone accesses the digital assets.

As the crypto market expands, security concerns have increased too. MetaMask’s initiative will definitely motivate other wallet companies to include this feature to save their users from falling into NFT scams.

Still, personal awareness is essential. NFT scams are usually caused by social engineering; therefore, always be careful with who you give access to your wallet and keep your private key to yourself only.