Meta’s Internal leak indicates Horizon Worlds is a “sad place”

Meta, Facebook, is having a hard time with its metaverse platform, Horizon Worlds. The internal documents and employee response show a decline in user interest in the virtual space, WSJ reports.

When CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook will change to Meta to expand into the metaverse everyone had high hopes. Zuckerberg had this vision of building a digital economy in virtual space.

Horizon Worlds was introduced in 2021, which did grab the attention of investors and users but overall performance and bad-quality visuals ruined its reputation, so it turned into an internet meme.

Despite Meta losing millions of dollars to develop this project, Zuckerberg seems to be stubborn to make it successful. Now, even the stakeholders and employees are giving up.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the internal documents show that Horizon Worlds hasn’t recorded many daily active users. Instead, most consumers lost interest after the first month of joining.

The situation is so bad that only 50 players interact with the user-made environments and almost no creator is interested in building a virtual space on the platform despite it being free-to-play.

Although Meta’s Quest 2 devices are selling quite well, people aren’t using them for a long time, which means those gadgets are just sitting there.

The WSJ also reports that Meta has only interacted with 514 players for reviews and they call it “small and precious.” Compared to millions spent, the response doesn’t really make up for it.

The employees don’t seem to like Meta’s plans for the future seeing the declining interest in Horizon Worlds.

The tech giant is struggling very badly unless it decides to cut off the metaverse project but knowing Zuckerberg, will he ever make that decision?

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