Metav3rse’s first MV3 NFT collection public mint sold out

Metav3rse, a well-known Instagram-based news outlet, is entering the NFT space by launching its own NFT collection as part of the MV3 ecosystem.

The 9,999 NFTs feature 5 factions, namely, the elites, empaths, AX, RQ, and the Travelers, currently sold out in the public sale held on 8 August 2022.

The Metav3rse team is building a metaverse based on the concept of ‘storytelling game theory,’ giving users an interactive experience filled with characters and storylines worthy of becoming television series or short films.

To mint the MV3 NFT collection, one must first hold an MV3 Access Pass, which can be minted based on an individual’s role in the Metav3rse or MV3 Discord.

Additionally, the buyers were first supposed to register for the permit list and were only allowed to mint 1 character per wallet at the Public mint price of 0.25 ETH.

Since the public sale was a first come first serve, only those who minted early were able to get hold of an MV3 character from the total supply of 1,460 NFTs.

According to the MV3 team, over 15k sign-ups were made for the collection drop, showing the high demand for the MV3 as a brand.

All the NFT holders who were successful in minting will now be part of ‘Eluna,’ MV3 metaverse.

The storytelling in Eluna is scripted by the Metav3rse co-founder’s sister and her best friend Jessie Nickson-Lopez, who is also part of the Netflix’s Stranger Things writing team.