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Miami’s Mayor announces City of Miami NFT collection

Miami’s Mayor Francis X. Suarez has not abandoned his love for crypto and announced they are partnering with TIME USA, Salesforce, and Mastercard to debut an NFT collection with 5,000 NFTs featuring the City of Miami on Ethereum blockchain.

TIME USA will help in the development of NFTs and execution of the project, Mastercard will offer exclusive benefits to the Miami Ethereum NFT holders in partnership with restaurants and events, while Salesforce will help in managing the minting process of the Miami NFTs on its brand-new NFT Cloud platform.

Mayor Suarez expressed a lot of excitement about the upcoming collection that portrays the beauty of Miami and might also promote his intentions to make the city a hub of crypto and NFTs.

Previously, he inaugurated a crypto bull statue in Miami at the Bitcoin 2022 conference representing Miami’s power and financial stage. Last year, Miami launched MiamiCoin (MIA), a native coin that recorded $8M revenue, but this is the first NFT project revealed by Miami.

“We will continue to employ these new technologies to support our existing businesses while attracting new ones,” Suarez said.

The partners Mastercard, TIME USA, and Salesforce have also shared positive remarks on the project, “The artwork will reflect the tremendous diversity represented within the city of Miami,” TIME President Keith Grossman.

City of Miami NFT collection is set to be launched by the end of this year after Ethereum 2.0 The Merge happens.