attends the Blockchain Economy Istanbul 2022 Summit

Michael Saylor

Michael Saylor

Blockchain Economy Istanbul 2022 Summit is Eurasia’s biggest conference held on July 27-28, 2022 in Turkey. Many famous personalities like Micheal Saylor and crypto companies attended the conference.

The Istanbul 2022 Summit conference was held with the main agenda to bring together Turkish developers, creators, and investors to showcase their work on a global platform.  Additionally, the conference also highlighted how Turkey’s market is more than ready to accept blockchain technology in its daily life.

The highlight of the Blockchain Economy Istanbul 2022 Summit was the attendance of Michael Saylor as a guest speaker to share his insights on the overall blockchain industry.

On July 27, the Bitcoin Maximalist and CEO of MicroStrategy, Saylor made headlines when he criticized Ethereum on its business and ethics. He said that the  “protocol doesn’t look like it's going to be completed or stable for another 36 months.”

He was invited to speak at the ‘Fireside Chat: Bitcoin - Freedom, Money, & Hope’ session moderated by Tom Busby & Josh Moden at the conference.

Saylor talked at the conference for an hour where he expressed that Ethereum was unethically running as it violates the securities laws which have their basis in the 10 commandments.

He also compared Ethereum’s monetary policy with Bitcoin by saying that Bitcoin’s policy was planned for 1,000 years while Ethereum’s might change after The Merge happens.

Overall, he had quite extreme views about Ethereum The Merge, he said,  “…if you are hard forking and changing it, every time you do a big upgrade, you introduce new attack surfaces.”