Microsoft is coming to Metaverse in partnership with Meta

Microsoft is coming to Metaverse in partnership with Meta

Microsoft, the software giant, is finally expanding into the metaverse by partnering with Meta. The company will soon be launching Mesh for Microsoft Teams and other software for Meta Quest devices.

Since the pandemic, there has been a shift in workplace and business interactions. Many social communication sites like Microsoft Teams have gained a huge amount of users over the years.

According to Microsoft’s Work Trend Index data, 50% of Gen Z and millennials aspire to work inside the metaverse in the next 2 years. This motivated the company to join the metaverse bandwagon.

Microsoft believes that the present online interactions indicate that the metaverse is not so far in the future. So, the company is expanding itself within the virtual world through Meta.

Mesh for Teams will be launched on all Meta Quest devices, designed through extensive research and Microsoft Cloud innovation to bring people together in a virtual space.

“We are partnering with Meta to provide customers with more choice and security as they venture into the metaverse,” the statement reads.

Additionally,  Microsoft 365 apps will also be added to the devices so that people can interact and do business by presenting content using Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.; just like IRL.

“We are excited to continue evolving our mixed-reality devices roadmap, leading with our cloud-first approach, and with Windows and Microsoft 365 at the fore,” the official statement reads.

Microsoft will also launch Xbox Cloud Gaming in the Meta Quest store as well to enable users to play Xbox games on their smartphones or on the Meta Quest platform soon.

However, the company is still firm in its opinion on NFTs and collectibles. CEO Bill Gates believes NFTs and cryptocurrencies are a fool theory and Microsoft won’t be adopting it anytime soon.

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